A Catalogue for Two
by Kenneth Ting-Yu Lin & zhaoyuefan
21 x 14.6 cm
248 pages
A set of two books with a slipcase
Edition of 2
April 2024

This is a publication made by two artists during their residency at Andreas Züst library.

Do you also have two same books on your bookshelf?

The first time the two artist stepped into the Andreas Züst library, they realized that there were a lot of duplicate titles in the collection. In a public library, it’s quite common to have multiple copies of popular titles, so that many readers can borrow them at the same time: one could imagine a shared or simultaneous reading experience happening in the region, without all participants' awareness of it. But, this library was built on the basis of Andreas Züst's lifelong collection of books. Do people usually buy two copies of the same book? Why did Mr. Züst need two exactly same books? Is that for collecting’s sake ? Or perhaps he also wanted to share his books with someone else? The question always stuck in their mind and appears every time they enter the space.

"How about we just find out all the duplicate titles in the library?" Toward the end of their month-long residency at the Andreas Züst library, the two artists had still been working on their individual projects separately. While discussing what they could do together, one of them suggested this cheesy idea: a pair finding books in pairs.

This is a project made for plural individuals—for friends, lovers, families, artistic duos, or the encountered strangers. If the two of you, want to read a book simultaneously, in this library, this is the catalogue for you.

You can find a copy in the following bookstores:
Bibliothek Andreas Züst, Oberegg, Switzerland